Friday, April 29, 2011

Such is Life

My brother from another mother sent me a text message this morning and said "Hey I've got a favor to ask".  As curious as can be, I reply with "What's up?".  Not even two minutes later I feel my cellular device vibrate four times followed by a doorbell like noise - without surprise to see the message is from him, I was surprised with what he had to say... "You like to write right? (Ha I didn't mean to do that) uh have you written any poems?" - what have I been doing for the past week!?  With messages going back and forth traveling as fast as the speed of light (thank goodness for modern day technology!), I had committed to writing him a poem for an English class he is currently enrolled in.  It wasn't due till Tuesday, but I told him I would have it signed, sealed, and delivered by the end of the day.  I needed to look at a picture, and write a poem about it.

This is what I came up with.

Silent, ever so still
This road without end in view
Austere tracks, Beauty arises
Still - surrounded by clouded truths
Walking down a Misty Track

Moving forward, each step with caution
Music roaring in the background
People in the shadows mutter
Alone - now brisk strides, but no sound
Walking down a Misty Track

Holding strong to an intangible force
Enduring harsh winters, gaining power
Running - careful not to fall
Darkness so thick, do not cower
Walking down a Misty Track

Seeing an end, plain in sight
Sweet melodies surround
Head held high, hands outstretched
Light, Peace, now all around
No longer on a Misty Track

This picture reminds me of a picture that was taken while he was on his mission.  He and his companion walking down a railroad track.  While keeping that in mind, words flowed as water does from a tap.  Think.

Such is life - a railroad track.  Misty Mornings, Brighter Days.  Walking down a Misty Track.  Sometimes I think that I go on through this life, not really knowing where I am headed - it is as if I am on a course with an opaque view ahead.  This trek seems like a never ending story, but I think as long as I keep taking each step with vigilance while drowning out the background noise, then Brighter Days will soon be in view.  What is most important, is what I learn through accepting the insensitive winds and worldly torrents - lessons learned and knowledge acquired are compulsory for my growth and future defense.  Focus.   

Someone once told me that pain is weakness leaving the body.  Pain is inevitable - but purposeful.  Let Go.

When we reach the end of this Misty Morning, and find a Brighter Day - all endured will now be of value and No longer on this Misty Track we will be.  Keep Moving.

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