Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Poem

A little something I wrote on the morning of Friday April 22nd 2011 - the day of His sacrifice. Not only did I gain a greater appreciation for that Easter weekend, but I allowed myself to openly express my feelings in a simple yet meaningful way. I usually come up with a title before I write a poem - but not this time... and even after, I still couldn't think of an appropriate heading that would be perfectly suited. Maybe, it didn't need one? I'm not sure. All I know, is that it can be personalized for any reader - and maybe because of that, we'll all give it our own name?

Chosen before His birth, The Son of God, The Prince of Peace
He willingly made The Sacrifice, without contract or binding lease
He was more than just a boy, more than just an ordinary man
Perfect in every measure, the only one for this Great Eternal Plan
Walking in footsteps of another, helping those in need
Ministering to those who'll listen, saying "Come follow me"
Speaking words of wisdom, acting in the name of God
Teaching the Plan of Happiness, making His word the iron rod
Leading by example, He showed us how to live
How to love one another, to be of service and to give
In the garden He suffered, excruciating pain - we cannot know
Bleeding from every pore, He knew it would soon be time to go
Asking "Father, if thou be willing, remove thy cup from me;
Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done", as He wept in agony
Feeling every sin, every emotion and more
Every insecurity, all of this He bore
He knows our weaknesses and pain, unwanted turmoil internally seen
His suffering was for us, so on His ample arm we can lean
Out of the garden He was taken, mocked and beaten, He did not fight
Forced to wear a crown of thorns, and still, He showed powerful might
They spat on Him and cursed His name, "Crucify Him!" they wanted so
Bearing the cross alone, to Calvary Hill He must go
They pierced Him in His hands, His feet, and in His side,
Not knowing He was their Savior, and for them He must die
"Father, into thine hands I commend my spirit", were the last words He spake
Ending His physical death, a crucial step He had to take
Released from public mockery, no longer on display
Wrapped in sheets of white, preserving His body for three days
In a sacred tomb on a hillside, without audience or cheer
He resurrected on that Easter morn, a celebratory day each year
He loosed the bands of Satan, provided a way to return to Him
Let faith permeate our souls, to know this was more than a historical whim
Find meaning in His sacrifice, come closer to The Atoning One
Understand this sacred event, know He truly is God's Son
Before we get lost in worldy hype, of the Easter bunny and fun
Remember who to look for, as we go on this Easter hunt
He is in every creation, all that you touch, hear, and see
Look for His name beyond today, take heed in "Come follow me"
He is the reason for the season, no Christmas without Easter - now or then
Testify of him, live like Him
In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.


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