Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good, Better, and Best

If we have a flow of thoughts that lead from one subject to another, does this mean that we only had one thought?  If we are thinking about our next destination while we are driving, how to operate the vehicle, anticipating the actions of the other drivers, determining the physics involved in simply merging into traffic, and not to mention the road conditions or weather factors - are we able to still think about what we are going to have for dinner when we get home?

I think that several thoughts can cross our mind at once, then we take appropriate action for the thoughts we choose.  Some of these actions are an automatic response.  Our mind recognizes the familiarity of the situation, causing our muscle memory to engage in activity in response to the thought in process.  This can be as simple as turning on our indicator or pushing down on the brake - something that we have done before and takes almost no thinking to do.  Other actions require cognitive thought in order for us to properly perform.  We allow ourselves more time for reasoning and judgment before permitting ourselves to execute the necessary action.  These actions may include positioning one's body correctly in a bench press to maximize muscle strength - defining body language for a specific purpose, or creating thought provoking blogs to probe into the minds of others =) - articulating the change of thought into literature or spoken word.

It is quite obvious that our minds have the capacity to process more than we give ourselves credit for.  We have the ability to delve into activities that depend upon constant brain activity.  We have the power to multi-task and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.  We have the available resources to continually improve our daily productivity.  We have the knowledge to enhance and expand our learning capabilities.  All of this at our fingertips and what are we doing with it?

So many thoughts only mean one thing - Choice.

In every circumstance, good or bad, we ALWAYS have a choice.  Being faced with a choice may be the onset of many thoughts - or unguided pondering may have lead to having to choose.  We all expect our options to be "one or the other", or maybe the "upside or downside" - when really, the hardest decisions we face are those that are presented with all positive options.  It does not matter which option you choose, it will be good either way.  You believe that in some aspect of your life, you will benefit from it whether you know it or not.  Once the decision is made, you follow through whole heartedly - it's just making the decision that is difficult.  This is when you pull out a piece of paper and write down your pro's and con's for each option given.  Categorize.

If all possibilities are laid out on the table, the less likely it will be for you to feel uneasy after the decision is made.  Be honest with your options, because you're only doing this for you anyway.  You can seek the opinion of others, or wait and risk losing an opportunity - but when all is said and done, your decision and motives are solely dependent upon you.  Nobody can tell you what to do, how to live, or what your life should resemble.  You are the only one who has the power to alter the life you live.  Let your thoughts be filled with clarity and honesty - this will make this part of the process so much easier.  Filter.

Accept the responsibilities that come with the choice you've made.  Don't leave room for blame, guilt and apologies - take what you have, and run with it.  Own who, where, and what you are - you are the only one that can.  Be okay with whatever repercussions may follow.  Enjoy the good, let go of the bad.  From here on out, it is most likely that the chain reaction of events are out of your control.  Recognize.

A good decision will never be a hit to the short-stop - although it maybe the hardest to avoid, easy never meant for satisfaction to be long lasting.

The better decision will be playing fair game for all teams involved - although each player is equally ranked, when expectations fail power play will have it's way.

Your BEST decision will be to cover all your bases - although this is the most difficult, nobody said a homerun hit would be an easy thing to do.

......... but keep running.

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