Monday, May 30, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be?

How often do we believe that we need to be someone or something we know we couldn't or ever will be?  It is not that we cannot achieve great things, or be more than we currently are - it is just about being who we are, right here and now, accepting it, and not worrying about what everybody else has to say about it. 

Dreams are more than just subconscious worlds we create while laying asleep at night.  Goals have become more than kicking a ball into a soccer net.  Soaring has taken more flight than a paper plane.  The sky is NOT the limit.  We think that we have to stop once we've hit the clouds, but there is so much more out there to discover.  There is more than what meets the eye.  People are afraid of what they do not understand.  Knowledge is power and power is knowledge - without that, we would be little minion's conforming to the views and dictations of another.  The more we know, the more ability we have to be independent.  We give ourselves the power to protect ourselves.  We enable our righteous dominion in trusting our inner instincts.  We allow the sole's of our feet to sink into the back of our shoes and take off in a sprint.  We take note of all the different scenes, picking up bystanders along the way. 

Stop.  Just Breathe.  Don't Think.  Let Go.  Be YOU. 

Sometimes we feel that what we are is not enough.  We trick ourselves into thinking that what we are doing will never measure up.  We betray our peaceful feelings with negativity and doubt.  We spend days on end wondering if we are on our God given path - not realizing we are right on track.  We let people in and out of our lives, for the wrong and right reasons.  Our minds are occupied with worry over situations that are out of our control.  It becomes easier to blame ourselves for other people's failed expectations.  We put fault in places that were without imperfection. 

Stop.  Just Breathe.  Don't Think.  Let Go.  Be YOU.

Let me tell you - everything we face - the hurt, pain, and anguish are ALL purposeful for our personal growth.  Without sadness, we would not know happiness.  We would not progress if we were not tried.  If everything were handed to us on a silver platter, the meaning of achievement and gratitude would mean absolutely nothing.  Who YOU are, and what YOU are doing IS enough!  Those feelings of peace ARE in fact REAL and there is NOTHING in this world that can replicate that.  Your friendships are as meaningful as you make them - make them worth it without the interference of others.  Don't fret over something that is out of your control - put your time to better use and accept your circumstances.  Stop blaming yourself for not letting others live vicariously through you.  I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason - most times, those reasons are not known or clear to us.  All we can do, is trust that this is part of The Great Plan and to continue living faithfully, finding peace in what brings us the most happiness.

Stop.  Just Breathe.  Don't Think.  Let Go.  Be YOU.

It is because we understand the feelings of disappointment, the never-ending self doubt, and the continual heartache - that we come to appreciate the pleasure we find in the simple joys of life.  Our love for another increases when a baby finds warmth and safety in our arms.  The urge to serve grows deep within us as we aid to someone in need, and see the smile upon their face.  These indescribable feelings would be impossible to explore if we go through life with a security blanket.  Check yourself out of 'Heartbreak Hotel' and start opening yourself to bigger and better opportunities.  Drop the facade and be honest with yourself and those around you.  Do not be ashamed to hold your head high even if many are against you. 

Stop.  Just Breathe.  Don't Think. Let Go.  Be YOU.

In a classroom scene from "10 Things I hate About You" - there is a quote on the wall that says "What is popular is not always right, what is right is not always popular".  If you have become the minority, do not think that what you are doing is wrong.  Discover.  Explore.  There is a reason you are feeling the way you do.  The thought would not cross your mind if the information was not out there for you to find.  Those around you have not walked into your life accidentally.  Sometimes things happen and we are put into situations that have a specific purpose.  We know in our heart that we are exactly where we are meant to be, doing exactly what it is we are doing - but then we start to question our actions, limit ourselves, undermine divinity, and over-analyze with our heads and disregard the feelings within.  This is when confusion overrides, corruption takes place, and human nature takes it's course.

STOP.  Just Breathe.  Don't think.  Let Go.  Be YOU.

Allow yourself the time to dig deep - find what makes you, YOU - look at the life you lead - ask yourself, is this really you?

Allow yourself the space to disperse your emotions - hold onto the ones worth keeping - open yourself to another - ask yourself, are you being honest?

Allow yourself the energy to expand - learn from your mistakes - give yourself power - ask yourself, is this a good investment?

Dream Big.  Aspire Higher.  No Regrets. 

Understand that there is no other YOU in this world.  You are not a clone.  No other person could fill your shoes.  Be who you are without doubt or fear.  Hold your head high with dignity.  Accept yourself and the responsibilities that follow.  Many will try to bring you down - but if you believe in yourself, and are living life for YOU - they will not have power over you.  Hold your ground.  Be true to yourself.. and give yourself a little more credit :)

Move Forward.  Keep Breathing.  Think Freely.  Hold on.  Remain YOU!

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