Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

She doesn't like it when I post pictures of her
I'm grateful for my mother.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that she has sacrificed more than anyone should to be an amazing mum.  She gave so much of herself to make sure I was happy - something she still continues to do.  She gives meaning to my life in a way no other could give, and I'm blessed and proud to say that she is MY Mum.  If it wasn't for her, I would not be here in the United States.  I would not have met all the wonderful people who have graciously placed themselves in my life.  My mother is the reason I love to write.  She kept many journals and would often express herself without inhibitions through writing.  Although I am not much of a daily journal keeper, I mimicked her uninhibited writing behavior.  Through this, I am able to convey my own feelings and thoughts concerning many different aspects of life.  To her I am endlessly appreciative for the positive influence she has had, and continues to have on me.  I love you Mum.
Mom and I

I tend to find and keep many "mother's" as I move from place to place.  Finding people to fill in that emptiness that can only be filled through a mother.  Like any other child, I crave a mother's hug, the constant reassurance, the random calls just to say "Hello" and ending in "I love you", the feeling of being wanted, and simply - just the perpetual friendship.  There has been only one other person who has been able to fill all of those wants, needs and more - my "Show Low Mom" Terri Holladay.
I started working for her on May 12th 2008 - and because of that, we are where we are, today.  I'm so blessed to have her in my life and for all that she continues to do to be amazing.  She brings something special into my life that could only come from her.  I love you Mom.
This poem is dedicated to the few important women in my life that continue to make life easier.  Who need more than just a day to know how much they're loved.  You're all remarkable women.  Know that all you do, never goes unnoticed.   

A Love Like THIS...
The value of one's love, is not given in coins of gold
Nor is it something tangible, with a price to be bought or sold
The measure of one's love, exceeds the mile marker at each bend
It is as long as it is wide, limitless - at each end
The power of one's love, cannot be beaten even with force
It provides invincible strength, to triumph battles no other has fought
The presence of one's love, is often felt from day to day
As present as the sky above, regardless of weather it is here to stay
The divinity of one's love, comes from He who sits on high
Sending messages through her spirit, to tell each child of His "You're Mine"
  This love is incomparable, to everything we currently know
It is beyond our comprehension, but without words it can be shown
Such love IS among us, available at our will
Recognizable in an instant, potent but tranquil
Without conditions or fine lines of print, it penetrates our soul
Calms our inner struggles, fulfilling a heavenly roll
This love needs recognition, not just a day but a lifetime through
An endless debt of gratitude, for all it does and continues to do
Father in Heaven was truly thoughtful, in His Plan of Creation here on earth
He gave us His crowning glory, making it possible for physical birth
He knew she would best portray, His ever abounding love
He knew her love would exemplify, what could only come from above
It is because of this love we exist, and why we even came to be
This love is more eminent than any other, and prolongs for eternity
It is this love exactly, that illuminates our darkest days
This love is irreplaceable, and incomparable in every way
Who has this love we yearn for, in detailed description like this;
A love never forgotten, easy to find and hard to miss?
A Mother's Love is this precisely, it is something we all implore
A love without inhibition, and indisputable for sure
Words are imperfect to depict, this amity we cannot deny
 No catch phrase or expression, to illustrate how we feel inside
"She is more precious than rubies", Proverbs tell us so
In this we take comfort, more than she'll ever know
The pure joy of a mother, no doubt, no amiss
Is the reason we know, a love like THIS...

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